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*blows off the dust* [Jan. 15th, 2010|09:41 pm]
Fifty Femslash Fic Challenge


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Hello. I'm your new overlord king mod (and I promise not to spam anymore).

I have some quick questions to ask of you:

1. Are you still participating in this challenge? (if so, yay; if not, aww, but that's ok!)
1b. Do you have posting access if you ARE still doing it?
2. Are there other fandoms I should add to the interests?
3. Any comments? Suggestions?

I think that's all I've got.
Consider this the "I finished, gimme my shiny graphic!" post as well.

[User Picture]From: vintage86k
2010-07-09 01:19 am (UTC)

Possible Pairing :-)

I love Heroes, and I adore the charater of Angela Petrelli; this woman has sooooooo not been femslashed enough. I'm doing my litle bit to try and fix this though. Angela Petrelli anyone? :-)
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