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femslash50's Journal

Fifty Femslash Fic Challenge
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Welcome to the Femslash50 Challenge! What is it? It's a challenge for writing 50 femslash fics based off of a table of prompts.

- Once you claim a fandom, character, or pairing, you can begin posting your stories. Only one claim per fandom/character/pairing, but you can be put on the waiting list if you'd like.

- Only two claims per person, but once you finish one you can sign up for another.

- All stories must be at least 100 words, but can be as long as you'd like.

-Posting format: Please put the Title, Pairing, and Rating in the subject line so it is easier to sort the posts.

You must be a member of the community in order to post!

Word Count:

Put all stories behind a cut please!

Sign up HERE.

The Big Damn Table is HERE. A list of writer's tables is there as well.

Comment Here once you've finished all 50 fics and you'll get a shiny graphic. Who doesn't like shiny graphics?


Are there any deadlines?
Nope. Just write as often as you like. No pressure!

If I pick a pairing, does every fic have to have that pairing in it?
No, but there has to be a mention of the pairing. If you claim a pairing, both characters need to be in the fic, but their relationship doesn't have to be the focus of the fic.

When do I post them?
Post as you write them.

Do I have to post in order?
Nope. You can write in any order that you like.

What about AUs?
Go for it. We're pretty laid back around here.

Does the word have to be in the fic?
Nope. The prompts are just to get ideas flowing. The fic should at least relate to the general idea of the word, though.

Can I do more than 1 prompt in a fic?
Nope. 1 prompt per fic. The point is to write 50 fics.

joss100, csi50