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BTVS - Faith/Buffy - Five Times Buffy & Faith Kissed - Fifty Femslash Fic Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fifty Femslash Fic Challenge

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BTVS - Faith/Buffy - Five Times Buffy & Faith Kissed [Oct. 1st, 2008|01:41 pm]
Fifty Femslash Fic Challenge


Title: Five Times Buffy & Faith Kissed
Author: aaronlisa
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Pairing/Characters: Faith Lehane/Buffy Summers with some mention of Buffy/Angel
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel both belong to Joss Whedon and company.
Prompts: Written for femslash50 (see each part for the prompts.)
Notes: Set during Season Three, Four and Seven of Buffy and Season One of Angel.
Summary: Six vignettes about Faith and Buffy Kissing.
Word Count: 2244

I: Summer

It still feels like summer as they patrol the cemetery together, even though it’s cooler than it was when she first came back to Sunnydale. They’re not really talking about anything serious since they’ve already exhausted the topics of previous slays and neither of them are in the mood for sharing. Buffy mentions something that Giles told her that morning, Faith tells her about a pair of leather pants she found at the thrift store, and it goes on until Buffy’s relieved when they come across a vampire pulling itself out it’s grave.

They make quick work out the newly risen vampire, neither of them breaking a sweat but they both lean against the wall of one of the many mausoleums that dot the cemeteries of Sunnydale. And all of a sudden their conversation turns from the generic to the personal.

“So what it’s like with Scott?” Faith asks.
“Good,” Buffy quietly responds.

Buffy doesn’t tell Faith about how awkward things seem with Scott, and it’s not just the fact that she can’t tell him that she’s the Slayer. With Angel everything seemed so easy, it was as if he knew just when to kiss her or to hold her, Scott always seems as if he’s asking her permission.

“He’s pretty cute; I mean if you weren’t with him, I’d probably go for him. I bet he can kiss.”
“Yeah he’s okay,” Buffy replies.
“Just okay, B? Is he doing something wrong?” Faith asks.
“There’s nothing wrong,” Buffy quickly replies.
“Come on B, when you say his kisses are just okay there’s gotta be something wrong. Unless…” Faith trails off as she turns to face Buffy.

Suddenly there’s a large lump in her throat, and Buffy can’t really seem to swallow past it as Faith seems to become a predator of a vastly different sort than Buffy’s used to.

“Unless what?” Buffy asks, hating the fact that her voice sounds breathy with anticipation.
“Unless you’re not doing it right,” Faith responds before she leans into Buffy.

The kiss is a chaste meeting of Faith’s lips and Buffy’s lips and it surprises the blonde. She’d expected something more aggressive instead of this almost caress of lips. Buffy softly sighs as the tip of Faith’s tongue gently traces her upper lip. Before she knows it the kiss is over and Faith’s moved away, almost as if it never happened.

“I gotta go B,” Faith says, her normal bravado missing from her voice.

Buffy merely nods in response and watches the brunette as she takes off, almost as if the hounds of Hell were chasing her. She shivers as the night suddenly seems colder despite the fact that there’s still summer-like warmth in the night.

II: Kiss

In the few days since they kissed (if such a chaste meeting of lips could be called that), Buffy finds herself spending a lot of her time daydreaming about kissing Faith properly. It seems almost impossible to act normally around Faith and the others. When they’re together and practicing, she can practically taste the cherry-flavoured lip gloss that Faith favours.

When they’re finished throwing punches at one another as Giles absently watches Buffy wants nothing more than to pull Faith into a tight embrace and give the Watcher something to watch. When they’re at the Bronze with the others, Buffy watches with jealous eyes as the girl of her secret desires dances on the dance floor, seemingly oblivious to the fact that everyone’s gaze is riveted on her. Or perhaps Faith knows but she just doesn’t care what anyone else things.

It’s harder when it’s just the two of them as they do their nightly patrol of Sunnydale’s many cemeteries. Harder to not push Faith up against a mausoleum and to take what she craves. Buffy’s fairly certain that Faith would be open to it but too many things hold her back. So she does her best to ignore what she wants and she pretends that she’s not hungering for Faith’s kisses.

III: Sarcastic

Everything between them now is different. She can’t keep up with the fact that they’re on different sides now. Although she’s not sure why this is so different than what happened with Angel. But somehow Faith’s betrayal hurts her more than Angel’s did, perhaps it’s because Faith doesn’t have the excuse of having a demon.

When Buffy comes across Faith when she’s doing her nightly patrol, it shouldn’t surprise her that it’s in the cemetery where Faith kissed her. Part of her even wonders how many nights Faith has been waiting at this cemetery just for Buffy to arrive.
“Well hello B, fancy meeting you here,” Faith sarcastically greets her.
“Faith,” Buffy replies.
“Brings back memories, doesn’t it?” Faith asks with a suggestive smirk.
“Not really,” Buffy coolly responds.

Faith’s eyes flash with fury as she moves away from the tree she was leaning against. For a moment, Buffy’s genuinely afraid that she’s played the game the wrong away. Until Faith’s right in front of her, barely an inch in between their bodies, her eyes flashing with fire and her mouth twisted with her anger.

“I hate you,” Faith snarls just before her hands grasp Buffy’s face.

Their lips collide, this time the kiss isn’t chaste or sweet. Instead it’s all aggression as their tongues and lips battle for dominance. Faith nips at Buffy’s lower lip and Buffy moans in response. This is what she’s been wanting but denying herself for so long.

When Faith pulls back, the fury is gone from her eyes, replaced with something that Buffy can’t or won’t decipher. It’s easier when the lines are clearly drawn between them.

“You’re nothing B, nothing at all,” Faith coldly states when Buffy remains silent.

A part of her wants to stop Faith, instead she watches as Faith storms off into the night. There’s nothing that she can say to change things, the lines are clearly divided between them and she can’t save Faith. Perhaps she never could.

IV: Learning

Learning what it felt like wearing Faith’s body wasn’t a pleasant experience. It was confusing and disorienting and Buffy wanted nothing more than her body back. Well that and a nice long hot shower.

She hated the fact that she had to sulk about Sunnydale and that she couldn’t take for granted that she didn’t possess a face that wasn’t on a Wanted poster. Buffy sighed as she slowly made her way back to Giles’ apartment, even though she had told her mother about what happened, it seemed odd to go back home when she wasn’t herself.

“It’s a bit late for a midnight stroll, isn’t it?” Faith asked as she stepped out from behind a crypt.
“So what if it is?” Buffy sourly asked, hating the fact that Faith was in her body.
“Aren’t the cops and the Council’s goons looking for you, B?” Faith asked with a smirk that just looked wrong.

Buffy shrugged at Faith’s suggestion, it wasn’t as if the cops or the goons were presently in the cemetery and she highly doubted that Faith would really sell her up that river no matter how much she despised her.

“Brings back memories, doesn’t it?” Faith asked.

It took Buffy a few moments to realize what Faith meant by her casual statement. It wasn’t until she really looked that she realized they were in the cemetery where Faith had first kissed her. Buffy sighed again as the rush of memories came back. Even now, after everything that had gone on between them, she found herself wanting to kiss Faith.

Faith took advantage of the fact that Buffy was distracted and she moved forward, history repeating itself until their chests were almost touching one another. Buffy thought her heart was beating so fast that it’d beat right out of her chest when Faith’s hand touched her cheek. She sighed at the sensation and couldn’t help but lean closer.

So this is what it feels like, Buffy thought as their lips met once again. This is what Faith felt when we kissed before.

The kiss was soft, gentle and sweet before Faith pulled back. A look of pain and longing was in Faith’s eyes that Buffy didn’t want to recognize but she knew that she was responsible for.

“It’s been nice but I gotta go B, places to be and all that,” Faith quietly said.

And Buffy just let her go, even though Faith was in her body and she could have at least tried to get it back. She was left standing there confused and aroused and all kinds of things that she shouldn’t be feeling when she had failed at getting her body back.

V. Friends

Faith knows with a certainty that they will never be friends, no matter what she does to make amends for all of the crimes she has committed. Her inexperience and jealousy over Buffy’s perfect life has ensured that Buffy will never ever trust her, even now as Angel sets things in motion, Buffy doesn’t trust her.

No doubt the blonde Slayer thinks that Faith will somehow escape once again. But Faith doesn’t want to; she’s tired of running, tired of trying to be something she’s not. She just wants to set things right, even if that’s impossible.

Angel’s voice is a low murmur as he places his phone call to a LAPD detective that he knows. No matter what Buffy believes Faith is serious about turning herself in. She can’t go on living like she was. If she does, she’ll be dead in six months.

Buffy sighs and sits down beside her on the couch.

“I’m sorry,” Buffy quietly states.

Faith turns to face, uncertain of what to say in response. What would Buffy have to be sorry about?
Buffy doesn’t speak; instead she turns to face Faith and kisses her on the lips. It’s a chaste kiss without any promises of tomorrow. It’s a goodbye kiss and they both know it. They can’t be friends; it’s just not in their nature to be.

When Angel comes back into the living area, Buffy stands to leave. Faith doesn’t listen as the blonde makes her excuses, there’s no point. It’s over.

VI: Spring

The spring night air is cool against her skin and Buffy’s not really sure how she feels about Faith being back in Sunnydale, even though she knows the other Slayer is honestly trying to find redemption for her crime. Perhaps it’s just the fact that Faith’s presence in her life just brings back too many bad memories. Perhaps it’s just the fact that nothing’s changed in the three years since she last saw Faith.

She’s never been one to admit her true feelings when it comes to Faith. Maybe it was easy for Willow to come out and admit that she was gay but Buffy can’t. Not when Faith is the only woman that she’s ever been attracted to. What does that make her? It’s too confusing for Buffy and it’s not as if she can talk to anyone about it. When did she have time?

She was just figuring out that maybe she had feelings for Faith when she was dating Scott and then Angel came back from whatever Hell dimension she had sent him back to. And she had to deal with that and how she felt for him and then everything started falling apart.

Buffy sighs as she leans against the familiar cool marble of the mausoleum that she’s come to associate with Faith. And sure of enough, the brunette came as if by magic Buffy had summoned her.

Neither of them are sure of what to say or how to act with the other. The time for animosity is over for now, although Buffy’s fairly certain that come tomorrow she’ll find something about Faith to be annoyed with.

“After we’re done here, I might go back to LA and help Angel, if that’s okay with you?” Faith asks.
“I think that’d be okay,” Buffy replies.
“Unless you think I should go back to jail.”
“It’d be a pain to break you out every time we need your help.”
“You really don’t mind, B?”

A part of Buffy wants to accuse Faith of going after Angel, but that’s not the real reason why Buffy’s feeling butterflies in her stomach over the thought of Faith leaving her.

“What am I supposed to say Faith? That I don’t want you to go, that I want you to stay? We both know that no matter what we feel, we just don’t work. It’s like oil and vinegar.”

Faith nods as she turns away. Buffy knows that the pain and longing are in the brunette’s eyes because of her and she wishes that she could do something to ease the pain.

“I just….” Faith starts before her voice trails away, knowing the danger in voicing a wish in Sunnydale.
“I know.”

This time it’s Buffy’s hands that gently grasp Faith’s face and its Buffy’s lips that touch Faith’s. The kiss is somewhere in between chaste and aggressive. The taste of Faith’s cherry-flavoured lip gloss is the sweetest nectar that Buffy has ever tasted but it doesn’t stop her from pulling back.

“We can’t Faith.”
“I know.”

And as simply as that, it’s over before it even began. But this time instead of one of them walking away, they walk together in the cemetery towards Buffy’s house. They have a war to fight together.


[User Picture]From: aaronlisa
2008-10-02 03:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I am really glad that you liked it.
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